Saturday, May 15, 2010

News Update - 5/15/10

I seem to recall saying in my post 'to the reader' that I wasn't sure if this blog would just fizzle out like other projects I've started. Well, contrary to all appearances, it ain't over yet! I've been completely distracted by an extremely busy semester (and one full of insights, I hope), but I have every intention of continuing this blog now that school is winding down.

The project of translating and doing a series on John has been scrapped for the moment. Instead, I'll be doing some stuff on Philippians, on which I might be leading a bible study in the fall. I'll be translating as well, but I'd recommend comparing what I write with what your bibles say for the best experience of studying it. I hope you enjoy (if you're one of the, oh, two people who read this blog at this point :-).